Friday, August 10, 2012

Lanky and Brick House

One of the items on my life list is walking 10 puppies all at the same time, but I'm thinking I might have to revise this goal. Because just taking two dogs with very different walking styles (read: one perfectly trained, the lanky Baxter, and one horribly trained, our stubborn brick house, Mac) for a long walk is hard work. So many tangles and struggles for dominance and poop breaks, oh, the many poop breaks. And peeing on everything vertical. And chasing smells and squirrels. And that's just Mac. Baxter stays right by my side the whole walk, while Mac speeds around like a leaf covered terror. Once they both mellow though, they are very, very cute together. We enjoyed a long tour of the neighborhood and the gorgeous mild weather and just being outside moving. And now we are all crashed out on the couch, relaxing into the weekend and watching some track and field. See you tomorrow, I'm sleeping in!


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