Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Epic Silent Cursing

I might have used several curse words at the office today. For several minutes I sat with my face in my hands, performing some very muffled, very elaborate cursing. It was epic and vengeful and nearly silent, because I didn't want to scare my coworkers. Only one thing can set me off like this at the office: random, inexplicable technology failures. I have no tolerance for them. I lose my shit. I try to solve the problem myself and when that fails I realize I am deeply screwed, because our tech support takes ages to solve an issue. I work with nonprofits providing fund development consulting, and this often includes donor database design, clean up and restructuring. So normally Excel is my best friend. But today, Excel betrayed me for about two hours.

Damn you, Excel!!! Why do you feel the need to suddenly stop working properly? First you freeze up. Then, even though I save diligently, you lose my data, and then when I go all helpful researching nerd and find a possible solution, compatibility mode, why do you proceed to freeze up my entire computer when I'm working toward a deadline? And why do the keyboard shortcuts that I desperately need to meet my database deadline stop working entirely? Blast you straight to hell, Excel. If I could reach my hands into the computer and strangle you, software, I would. I would smile with joy at your demise. I couldn't fix you on my own. But you know what? Google Docs saved the day.

And my document, having zipped through Google Docs is now getting close to completion. This is all I have to share today. Excel has shredded me and tried to ruin me and caused a flair up of my natually high levels of melodrama. But I didn't let it. Google saved me. I might just drop Microsoft Office entirely and fully embrace the Google.

And a happy side note, also Google based, our neighborhood just qualified to receive Google Fiber! We are 51st on the list so it will be a wait, but we're on the list!



Becca said...

If polygomy was legal, I would marry Google. I love it so much.

It never fails that something will always work against you and deadlines.

Becca said...