Thursday, August 09, 2012

Humbling, Hard, but Far from Impossible

I just finished a delicious BLT. Perfect oven cooked bacon, juicy thin cut tomatoes, crisp lettuce, toasted bread and a smear of mayo. Paired with a big ol' salad and some cottage cheese, it was pretty much a perfect summer dinner. It tops off a pretty perfect work day actually.

Today was one of those satisfying days at the office (a nice change from yesterday. EXCEL, I'm looking at you.) I accomplished some big pieces of a project and left feeling like I'd gotten a lot done. I ran a couple of errands, bought some goggles and a swim cap at a sporting goods store, grabbed some delicious smelling lotions and potions on sale at Bath and Body Works (I now smell like lime and coconut, which really makes me want to consume many luscious rum drinks) and then I came home and tried on my brand new athletic tank swimsuit which I get to test out for the first time tomorrow morning. It's exactly what I wanted, though it's so supportive and smooshing of the "ladies" that it took me nearly five minutes to get the thing on and everything properly situated. Those "ladies" aren't jiggling though, they are locked in. So no accidental exposure during my "breast" stroke.

Who's ready to swim some laps tomorrow? This girl!

Then Joe and I took the dogs for a walk (we're dog sitting for my parents' awesome dog Baxter this week) and once Mac and Joe peeled off for home, Baxter and I took off for our Couch to 5K training walk/run for Day 2 Week 2.

Baxter, our guest for the next two weeks.

It was hard today. I just felt out of sync. I couldn't quite hit my stride, my rhythm just never kicked in, my calves hurt which never happens. It was awkward, and hard. But Baxter and I just kept going. We did it. I was sweating like a fool and my face was the color of the T on my BLT, but it was done. And I think in my second week of training for this far off, hard to imagine triathlon, the biggest thing I'm learning is to just keep going, take these baby steps, run for one more minute, 30 more seconds, and it will add up over time. Slowly.

I kept saying to myself Monday morning, when I ran outside for the first time pretty much since high school, that first off, it was humbling to realize how far I have to go to become fit enough for a triathlon. And second, it's even harder to push past my lazy, negative talking brain, but neither of these tasks is impossible. So that's going to be my mantra from here on out, humbling, hard, but far from impossible. Especially if I can still have bacon now and then.


Emily said...

Yes you can! :)

McMillan said...

When I was training for my first half marathon, I thought I'd never be able to do it. But I remember with dazzling clarity the moment that I realized I was running and not even thinking about how much I was hating it. I wasn't thinking about my breathing, or making a deal with myself (I'll run to that lamp post and then walk to that trash can), and I wasn't thinking about how I'd never be able to do it. I was just running, listening to my music, and lesson planning in my head. It had been many months, but after that point, the training got mostly easier. Nowadays, I'm just shocked I can a) run long distances at all and b) not hate it.

Kassie said...

Katie, I just keep telling myself I'll get to where you are eventually. Eventually.