Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ta Da!!

Six things on this Sunday:

1. Day 2, week 2 of Couch to 5K, again. I'm a slow learner so I had to repeat a grade, I mean, a week. Outside running, really running of any kind, is still crappy. It still feels awkward and hard and mean, but I like running outside so much more than on the treadmill. And the fact that my opinion on that has changed also means that if I just keep trying, eventually my opinion on running in general may change. Or at least that's what my wise father-in-law told me this morning.


2. Finished the third book in the series of Hannah Vogel mysteries by Rebecca Cantrell. I love these books and can't wait to read the fourth one. Thanks for the recommend from the lovely Kristen.


3. Most importantly, I finally finished the scarf I began knitting about 13 months ago. Yippee! I love how it turned out. And huge thanks to my mother-in-law Sherry for being my knitting guru and teaching me all the steps I needed to start, keep going, fix my mistakes and finish it off today. I plan to wear that damn scarf every winter for the next 50 years and then leave it in my will for my children. We're going to get damn sick of this scarf. It's probably the only scarf I'll ever knit. But I did it.


4. We had cupcakes for breakfast. That's just like a donut, only better.


5. I got sunburned. From sitting in the car.


6. Took a virtual tour through Germany, complete with a German themed meal full of kraut (turns out I like kraut now when I always thought I hated it, running could be my sauerkraut!) and sausages and curried ketchup and roasted potatoes and then a full on slide show from my parents' vacation to Berlin and Hanover.


How was your Sunday?


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