Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been so lax in posting this summer. Probably for a lot of reasons. Mostly sheer laziness and the speed with which I can be distracted, thanks mild case of ADD. Also Shelfari. I love Shelfari, helps me track my books, look for new reads, and chat with other book nerds like myself. But also sometimes I just have enjoyed the books so much and don't feel like analyzing them, don't feel like picking it apart and explaining it, I've just devoured the story and haven't felt like ruining the mystery or beauty of what's been created. Much like my odd aversion to listening to the commentaries on DVDs of movies I really like, it takes away the mystery, debunks the magic that drew me in, and just punctures that feeling of being swept away in someone else's story. So I'm going to keep leaping in to new books and ideally I'll post again soon, maybe when I find myself bored (rare) or read a book I loathe (not as rare). Why is it easier to write about a book when I hate it?