Friday, August 03, 2012

The Sweetest Sushi

I'm blogging all month along with NaBloPoMo, so since I was feeling entirely uninspired to write today, I thought I'd default to their great Sweet themed prompts.

August 3, 2012

What is the sweetest thing someone did for you today?

There is pretty much nothing I'd rather do than go out to dinner with these four people. My dad, my stepmom, my brother and my husband. We order way too much sushi. We laugh and tease each other. We have the inevitable conversation about technology, we play on our phones and share photos and talk about our weeks and our plans. We ask about each other, we check in. We hug a lot. We eat a lot. We laugh a lot. We all think we are funny and we all want to get a red faced laugh out of my dad. We use words like "castigate" and offer faux congratulations to each other, "Well, look at the big brain on Brad." Oh, did I mention we quote a lot of movies too?
So the sweetest thing that someone did for me today? My family was sweet enough spend a couple of hours with me over some spider rolls and some wasabi, and Dad even pretended to like edamame. And those parents picked up the tab too, so a little extra sweet.
Happy Friday to you, see you tomorrow!

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