Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I will not call this my Bucket List, I will not, and you can't make me.

Directly inspired by the woman whose hair I am most envious of in the entire world, Maggie Mason, I'm writing my own Mighty Life List. Or I could call it Things I'd Like to Try Before I Kick It, or Cool Things That I Always Forget I Want To Do Because the World is So Full of Amazing People, Places, Events but I Have to Go to Work Today, but those were a little clunky. So instead I'm just going to call it my Bravely Obey in Action List.  I think, like many people, it is incredibly easy for me to get stuck in the routines and daily activities that make up such a huge percentage of my life.  I like my life, but those routines can get a little dull.  This year I want to make a concerted and thoughtful effort to think beyond emptying the dishwasher and finishing that report. I want to think about and do new things, test myself and explore the world more. So the list will help remind me when it's 20 degrees and gray outside, that there is so much out there beyond my warm little house. The list will help rouse me when I feel dull and Midwestern and 30-something. Plus it's just fun to daydream and then figure out how to make those things happen. And I want more fun.

On a side note, I thought the five minutes I saw of the Bucket List were awful, so I refuse to label my list that way. Yeah, I'm a movie snob. As my brother in law would say, "but you liked the Virgin Suicides?" Label your list however you choose certainly, but this is not a Bucket List, because in my head you might as well call it that Horrible Piece of Shit Corny Old Dude Movie List. And that's an awful name for my very charming list.  So let's dive into this work in progress:

1. Travel to Paris, visit a mind-boggling number of museums and then collapse and order pate, smelly cheese and baguette while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe. 
2. Brush up on my French and Spanish, seriously brush up.
3. Become a parent, either carry my own or adopt.
4. Get my esty shop up and running, actually stocked with my wares.
5. Buy some fantastic antique brooches and wear them more often. 
6. Visit Egypt, but not just the pyramids.
7. Swim with dolphins. 
8. Write a book, possibly fiction, possibly nonfiction, I don't know yet.
9. Take a beach vacation with extended family and friends. Big house, close to the water, lots of noise, lots of kids, lots of sunscreen.
10. Travel to West Africa again, with Joe and possible future child, spend lots of time in villages and buy more art from local artisans.
11. Have my own library room in my house, complete with overloaded bookshelves and a comfy window seat.
12. Design a garden with plantings for each season.
13. Create new jewelry designs with materials I haven't used before.
14. Clean, organize and repaint our basement for extra space and to cushion the pain of doing laundry.
15. Cook a complete meal from the Lidia's cookbook we've had for six years.
16. Develop a better relationship with my mother.
17. Take a fabulous vacation for our 10th wedding anniversary. (See June and July 2011 for details!)
18. Visit that Matisse church in France.
19. Travel to each of the 50 states, I've got North Dakota,Washington, Montana, Oregon, South and North Carolina, Alaska and Hawaii left.
20. Renovate and decorate a roomy old 60's ranch house into an eclectic, colorful oasis.
21. See Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse and Cake in concert. And the Pixies, but that one is a little harder.
22. Go on a random unstructured road trip and visit lots of these places
23. and the Garden of Eden.
24. Pack a picnic lunch and relax outside all day.
25. Go skydiving.
26. Attend a black tie gala for one of my favorite nonprofits.
27. Take more photos.
28. Figure out my religious beliefs by attending different services and churches. Not just Christian.
29. Reach my goal weight.
30. Walk 10 puppies all at the same time.
31. Make caramels from scratch.
32. Have a Hitchcock movie screening party.
33. Go to a drag show.
34. Travel to Italy again, more Florence/Tuscany less Rome.
35. Take artistic nude photos of myself.
36. Make my wardrobe more unique and bold.
37. Have someone teach me how to make tortillas from scratch. (Then have tasty fiesta!)
38. Be nicer.
39. Stop yelling and cursing at people when I'm driving. I'm not sure this is possible.
40. Write more and better.
41. Consider next steps for career advancement: MPA, CFRE, UMKC fund development certificate, Centurions Kansas City
42. Take a beach vacation, wander around, cook and eat lots of local seafood, read a ton of books, get tan, and spend lots of alone time with husband.
43. Constantly add to and update this list.
44. Attend a show at a local planetarium. 
45. Become a board member for a nonprofit whose mission I'm passionate about.
46. Do a StoryCorps interview with both of my parents. (Sadly, I'm on the waiting list this time around. I may just do my own taped StoryCorp type interviews.)
47. Start volunteering again with Literacy Kansas City.
48. Train for and complete a triathlon.

What's on your life list? I'm dying to know. Bungee jumping, biking around Kuala Lumpur, learning to play the guitar, finally teaching your child how to tie their shoes, buying that ferret you've always wanted? You'll certainly inspire me to add new items to my list, and maybe we can cross some items off together!


bethany actually said...

You guys will rock at and love #3.
I strongly approve of #4.
I volunteer to be a beta reader and proofreader for #8.
Can I be invited to #9?
#11 HAS TOTALLY BEEN ONE OF MY LIFELONG GOALS. Since I was like, six years old. Seriously.
#24 is easy. As soon as the weather's nicer, do it. Take a good book.
#31 is easier than you think.

I don't really have a life list, and I've never really felt like making one up. Probably that's mostly out of stubbornness. :-) Also, I sort of feel like my life has taken such a different path than I imagined it taking when I was a kid, I'm just having fun seeing what comes along next. Most of my goals involve traveling, usually to visit friends, big surprise. And I'd like to learn to play guitar.

Bravely Obey said...

Yes to 8 absolutely, 9 we just need to pick a place and find the right house/houses and of course the right time, 11 is not a surprise, 24 will happen just as soon as it's not painfully cold, do you have a good recipe for 31? And we are scheduling 42 this week!

jastereo said...

Man... I'm friggin excited!

Katrina said...

Completely agree with Bethany...you guys will ROCK at #3!! And you should TOTALLY do #4!! #8 is awesome...I have thought of writing a childrens' book...but haven't got that idea all worked out yet.

I don't really have a life list. Which is weird cause I am a list maker!! I think when I want to do something bad enough I make it happen. LOVE #42!! That would be on my list for sure!

Snowfairy said...

Fabulous list, not sure about the 10 puppies though, why?
But you've got me thinking, perhaps one day, New Zealand.

Bravely Obey said...

Snowfairy, the ten puppies, the chaos, the barking, the tumbling all over each other, the little tongues, it just sounded fun to me.

margherio said...

I have a reasonable amount of overlap on my Horrible Piece of Shit Corny Old Dude Movie List...although since I'm not a snob (he he) so I just call mine a Bucket List.

Didn't you already see Cake? I thought you and Joe came with Tina Kim and I at Starlight about 36 hours before I moved from Lawrence to Chicago....Ben Folds opened, beautiful evening, it was great.

Bravely Obey said...

Margherio, I did see Cake with you and Tina Kim, that's why I want to see them again and again. I originally was excited to see Ben Folds that night and then Cake was so much better. They rule.

molly said...

Who knows if you will still read these comments, but I noticed you want to see the Pixies, and I wanted to make sure you know they will be in Omaha on September 16 at the Orpheum. So maybe you can cross that one off your list :-)

Kristendom said...

I think you need to link to your posts when you complete these - you know, mostly for my ease when I'm linking to your blog from mine :-). Right now, I'm searching for your making caramels post on here, and dang, it would be easier if I could just come here and click on the link - that's me being whiny and needy, though. I'm still just damn impressed what effort you've put into this list so far...