Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Googled "Alone Time" and Charles Manson Popped Up, Is That Bad?

I have this evening all to myself. And I'm absolutely looking forward to it. I love alone time. I love my husband, too. Please don't mistake that. I love spending time with him doing just about anything. Because he's funny and cute and he laughs at my jokes and we speak the same language, the language of judgmental, nerdy sarcasm, with a dash of over-thinking. But having been married for almost nine years, I relish the few nights of alone time that I get every month. And I hear this gets even more scarce when you have children. So I'm going to wallow in my precious alone time this evening and detail it here so that sometime in the future when I have no privacy and no time to myself, I can look back at 2010 Kassie and be jealous of her. And that is such a compliment to women, isn't it? The jealously? Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, here's the plan for the evening (not that I couldn't do any of these things with Joe home, but it's fun when no one's watching!)

1. Come home and remove office clothes in the living room and then wander back to the bedroom to dig out work out clothes. Put them on. Walk the dog.
2. Work out to whatever Wii fitness video my little heart desires. Tonight will be 45 minutes of All Island Activities - running, paddle surfing, squash, water skiing and sparing, yes, I love boxing. Make unattractive noises, sweat profusely, curse at the television, possibly fart. Honestly, I do this when working out even when Joe is around, but I'm less concerned about killing the romance/mystery/mystique when he's gone.
3. Wipe sweat off face, guzzle enormous glass of cool water, turn on iPod for some background music, then cook dinner while dancing around the kitchen.
4. I'm making stuffed peppers for dinner. Smelly, potent, delicious stuffed peppers. Joe doesn't like stuffed peppers. How exciting for me!
5. Scarf down the delicious peppers while reveling in their pungent glory. I may sit down to eat dinner, I may not, I may perch on the kitchen counter, who cares? No one! Then clean the kitchen.
6. Change out of grungy work out clothes into comfy Lebowski t-shirt and too big pajama pants, laze around on couch, surfing the interwebs, and watching guilty pleasure TV, or read the weird book that I'm kind of loving.
7. Realize that this sounds essentially like an evening home with Joe, minus the peppers and crap TV. Why do I like alone time? Who's there to laugh at me when I talk back to the TV? Am I weird? I might have to add extensive and invasive beauty treatments and some kind of Bravo reality TV show to really take advantage of this alone girlie time.

What do you do when you have alone time? Eat crackers in your underwear, skip doing the dishes, pee with the bathroom door open? Has this turned into some kind of Sex and the City episode? I'm so sorry. I'm going to go tweeze my eyebrows now.


Kristendom said...

Sadly, I also do much the same things I do when Sean is home. Except I tend to watch Pride and Prejudice or some other similarly girly flick until the wee hours of the morning in our bedroom instead of basketball.

Bravely Obey said...

I watched Before Sunrise and had some wine. It was pretty much perfect.

Katrina said...

Alone time....hmmmm....not sure what that is anymore....hahaha I think for me when I get alone time its all about me...not who wants or needs something. I just do what I want and not worry about anyone else!! And, like you, it usually involves crap reality TV of the Bravo nature. ;) Love the idea of writing this post so you can be jealous of your 2010 self! That made me smile!

Bravely Obey said...

Katrina, I can't imagine how infrequently you get time to yourself. But if I had to guess you probably wouldn't change a thing!

DanaCK said...

At this point, the only time I get to pee with the door *closed* is when I'm alone! My perfect night alone would be to eat cereal with soy milk for dinner, pour a glass of red wine, and either read a book or watch a movie. And I would sleep late. Sleep trumps all when you have a kid. :)