Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 Days: Day 4 - Coffee Talk

Madeline Bump

Today was busy. Meetings and lots of marketing debates and layouts and uploading and pdfs and jpgs and ordering and font discussions with clients. I love this part of my job. I think in a different life I would have loved to work in marketing or advertising, but again, I might think it's fun simply because I don't do it everyday. There is something rewarding about creating an advertising piece that I know will be in the hands of thousands of people, cajoling and convincing them to attend this event or sign up for that class. And I'm not selling toothpaste here. I get to promote and market for good causes, causes I'm passionate about. I like that. And I'm proud of the invitations, business cards and postcards that we created today. Satisfying work.

As a great end to the day, I had coffee with Tara, who is all over this freaking blog. And I don't care if this is redundant, but I'm blessed with some damn good friends. Tara is one of them. We sat and talked for two straight hours about everything from C-sections and art theory to domestic partnerships and what qualities we need in friendships as we've gotten older. And did I mention that Tara's baby is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday? I'm so excited. Of course I had to include her and her adorable baby bump in my 7 days photo, because this time next week, that baby bump will be a Madeline.

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