Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Last night Joe and I had the pleasure of hanging out on the Plaza with one of our best friends, Tara and her fiance, Mike. Joe was taking their engagement photos, I carried camera bags, purses and shouted "Dick Wink" to make them smile for the camera, and as we wandered around the fountains, stopped in front of Starbucks where they first met and got engaged, and ended with a tasty little dinner at Houston's, I thought that since today is Tara's birthday, she would be the perfect subject for today's post.

Tara and I met in 1995 during resident assistant training while we were students at KU. She is one of those rare people that I remember meeting and thinking instantly, "Oh, we are going to be great friends." We just clicked and for the last 14 years we've just kept on clicking. We shared an apartment in college, we've taken some great spring break and summer road trips ("I can't see the stars!"), many tipsy girls nights with Jenga, junk food and crappy chic flicks. We've shared everything from heartbreak and family strife to cleaning up pink strawberry margaritas off the denim couch. And she has always been there to listen, support, and laugh with me along the way.

Tara is sunny and beautiful. She is a great hostess. She is magic with kids. She is a talented painter and potter. She is a hopeless romantic, and stubborn. (She'd have to be stubborn to still be a romantic after more than her fair share of crappy first dates.) Her laugh is infectious, along with the occasional "Woo Hoo!" for emphasis. Comparisons to Charlotte on Sex and the City would not be off base. She's lost at least five cell phones, possibly more. She knows that butter makes food taste better. Her home looks like a magazine photo shoot, with some dirty laundry shoved in the closets. Finding her keys is always a challenge. She's a great aunt, and has traveled to Disney World with her family more times than I can imagine. She's just easy to be around. And more than anything, she's strong.

This last year has been an amazing one so far for Tara, lots of exciting personal events and surprises, and I can't wait to see what an amazing mother and wife she's going to be in the next year. Her fiance Mike is a first-rate guy. Funny, kind, and sharp, and most importantly, he loves Tara. They fit together. Just watching them during the photo shoot you could see how much they compliment and just enjoy each other, for exactly who they are. As Joe would say, "He's her lobster." So, here's to my friend Tara. I'm lucky to know you.


Dana said...

What a lovely tribute to a beautiful friendship and a wonderful person.



jastereo said...

They are were so cute together. Happy B-day Tara!