Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teacup Blog Post: Creating A Work Out Playlist - Your Help Needed!

I need a playlist for the Race for the Cure 5K on Sunday! Help me. Here is a sampling of what's popping up on shuffle at work today:

Ms. Jackson by Outkast
Izzo by Jay-Z
3rd Planet by Modest Mouse
Time to Pretend by MGMT
Bros by Panda Bear
Mamma Mia by Abba
Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band
Trying My Best to Love You by Jenny Lewis
Southtown Girls by The Hold Steady
Return to Me by Dean Martin
The Seer's Tower by Sufjan Stevens
Evil and a Heathen by Franz Ferdinand

So these are excellent songs for working at my office, struggling through writing a grant or designing a database but these aren't exactly songs to motivate and make me agro enough to run/walk a 5K. I don't have nearly enough energizing, angry or upbeat work out music on my ipod, so I'm working on a small list of songs that might get me riled up and I need your help. If you don't mind, think about a song that always gets your heart racing and leave it in the comments for me. What helps you power through a workout? It might help me finish Sunday's 5K before Monday!

So far possible list contenders:
Anything by The White Stripes
Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Here It Goes Again by Ok Go
Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
Diwali Riddim (Shake That Thing) by Sean Paul


Bravely Obey said...

I Feel Good by James Brown, how could I forget this one!

Kristendom said...

I used to have a whole workout shuffle on my iPod. Here are a few of my favorite samplings:
-Anything from the Tomb Raider soundtrack - killer beat, and of course reminds me of how kick-ass Lara Croft is.
-Violent Femmes - Add It Up, Blister in the Sun, etc.
-Alanis Morissette - All I Really Want
-Black Crowes - Black Moon Creeping, Hard to Handle
-Young MC - Bust a Move
-Nine Inch Nails - Closer
-Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
-David Bowie - Dead Man Walking
-U2 - Desire
-No Doubt - Just a Girl
-Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - El Matador

Okay, I could do this all day, so I'll stop now. Let me know if you want more, though - I'm always looking for a fun project like this.

Katrina said...

I am not sure my music taste is the same as yours. But here is my latest list of songs I like to work out to.

Disturbia -Rhianna
Into the Nightlife -Cyndi Lauper
Church -T-Pain
Forever -Chris Brown
Stronger -Kanye West
Just Dance -Lady Gaga
Poker Face -Lady Gaga
Love Game -Lady Gaga (she is a freak but has good music to make you move)

Right Round -Flo Rida
I Gotta Feeling -Black Eyed Peas
SexyBack -Justin Timberlake
The One -Limp Bizkit
Shake It -Metro Station

Good luck!! I think the music helps! :)

bethany actually said...

You said "angry" and I immediately thought of "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister. I like Katrina's suggestion of "Shake It" too.

You know, I never used music when I ran. Of course, that was in the days before iPods, but still. I've never used music to work out. Is that really weird of me?

jastereo said...

Awesome suggestions you guys (I need to make a playlist too so this will totally help me). Katrina we have a bunch of those songs (Kassie just tends towards more of the indie/sad bastard music for her work listening). Kristen thanks for the reminder on Matador...totally need that on there (among others, U2, Crows, etc.) Others I'm thinking, maybe some Technotronic (Move This, etc), some of the faster Cake stuff, maybe some Snap and KLF. Presidents (Lump), Rihanna SOS, maybe a Soul Coughing cut or 2. Great idea to ask, after looking at my ipod it makes me want to go out and run (hm, I should have done that a moth ago)

Bravely Obey said...

Ooh, some excellent choices! Katrina - I must get some Lady Gaga- I love a huge variety of music and don't have anything by her yet. Kristen-the Lara Croft thing is not a surprise. And Bethany, I don't think it's weird that you don't listen to music when exercising. Sometimes quiet is exactly the thing I need,just enjoying being outside. Joe and I will be making some lists tonight, I'll post our results!

Snowfairy said...

I saw an advert on tv yesterday for 101 Running Songs. There is bound to be something there for everyone

But my favourite for running is Take on me by Aha, I don't know why it just makes me smile.

Bravely Obey said...

Snowfairy-that list was excellent, thanks for the link. And Take on Me is one of my favorite 80's songs, that and Come on Eileen!