Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Teleconverter is Made of Coconut Shells

Gorgeous day(all photos courtesy of Joe Sands)

Today is one of those days that is best shown in photos and not so much with words. But I'll fill in a bit.
We had a great breakfast with the parents at a little local place, yummy biscuits and gravy. And then headed down to the Plaza Art Fair. The weather was perfect. The top was down on the convertible. And the place wasn't too crowded when we first got there. We wandered, we chatted, we purchased, we debated. It was pretty much a perfect day.

Baby Chilling

That baby is wearing sunglasses. Smart baby. It felt more like June 27th than September 27th.

Skirt and boots

Lots of great people watching. We liked her skirt/boot combo. And she had strong thighs.


Joe is weekend scruffy and I am wearing my artiest necklace.

Dad and Kristy

The Parental Units. No impulse buys for them, but one lovely photo print from an artist that they had a great conversation with while they sat in the shade chilling on a curb.

Coconut Shell Earrings by Ayala Naphtali

And of course we bought a few things, affordable art or "accessible" art if you prefer. These earrings were from an artist who uses bleached and dyed coconut shell. Joe told me I had to get them since he had just bought a teleconverter that cost the same amount. Seems fair.

Mosaic by Greg and Mindy Rhoads

I love art that includes mosaic or layered paper pieces. The song lyric was something my dad used to sing to my brother and me growing up, plus it's got a string of beads embedded in it. It was pretty much made for me. The artists, Greg and Mindy Rhoads, were funny and mellow, from a small town in Kansas.


There is something energizing and inspiring about seeing so many different artists gathered in one place. Pottery, painting, wire sculpture, jewelry, photography, artists from all over the country, but it's different than a museum. The artist is sitting right there on a director's chair eating an artichoke. I can ask questions. I can compliment. I can take something I love home with me. So get out there and support your art community, support with cash, support with attendance, visit a museum, or support by making sure our kids are still getting the art classes they need in schools. I think our minds become more supple, open, and inventive through art. We see the world differently and less critically. We can see the beauty, the pain, the humor through someone else's eyes and see our own lives differently because of that.


Snowfairy said...

What a fabulous day, that blue sky, wow. I could spend hours people watching and a bit of sunshine brings out all the most interesting characters.

Bravely Obey said...

Probably our last warm day here until the spring. And art shows always have the most kooky people watching!