Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today's Teacup Blog Post: Teeny Tiny and Brief

Favorite Quotes Heard While Working at Old Shawnee Town Saturday

"Oh, I don't wear red. It's too provocative." - from 30 year old woman who proceeded to explain that she attended a Catholic high school where red was forbidden. See what nuns do to young women? She will never be able to wear red without feeling a little slutty. Sad.

"It's just so beautiful." - from the little red-haired 5 year old girl. Was she talking about my jewelry? Nope, talking about the big conch shell I had just held up to her ear so she could hear the ocean. She was adorable clutching her hands together with the excitement.

"It's crunchy, it's poppy, it tastes like butter." -from the three "mentally awake" Webelo scouts who were selling their slightly overpriced, but buttery delicious popcorn.

"Oh, my neck is too short to wear dangly earrings." - from 60 year old woman with absolutely normal neck length.

You would be shocked by the number of women who stop to look at my jewelry booth and then discuss the multiple body image issues they have that keep them from wearing chokers, earrings, necklaces, bracelets of varying styles, colors and lengths. I've heard fat ears, stubby necks, bony wrists, droppy earlobes, you name it. Ladies, you can wear anything you want and look beautiful, it's all in your head.


bethany actually said...

How funny about the body-image issues thing. You're like a retail therapist!

Bravely Obey said...

I'm always amazed there are at least two or three women at every show with specific complaints. Chubby earlobes is my favorite.