Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Things picked up on our trip to Sandiegoyumaphoenixalbuquerqueamarillotexola:

- one borrowed black 2000 Porsche Boxter convertible (Joe just told me to specify Boxster S, very important.)

- several Starbucks beverages: the iced and hot varieties, soy and whole milks.

- a dottery lesson from Bethany, including full mug painting experience, and dissertations on new paint vs. old paint (old paint wins!)

- In-N-Out Burger and fries, Joe thinks thousand island dressing on a burger is sublime.

- several free chalk drawing lessons from a Bug and an Annalie.

- one, ok, two homemade rainbow lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

- $6 harbor cruise package which included built in sauna, tanning, and sight seeing.

- two slightly water damaged shells and one little rock with a perfect hole through the middle procured from Dog Beach.

- a couple of new friends, including one very talented graphic artist, whose work you might see up on this site sometime soon, and her spunky, adorable daughter who called Joe, "Steve", "Guy", "John" and actually "Joe" a time or two.

- over 2,000 miles of beautiful, desert driving through the Southwest and along old Route 66.

- something called a Maui burger in Mesa, AZ that was nearly life changingly good.

- private police escort on our slightly thrilling drive up South Mountain, plus a great view of the entire Phoenix metro area. (Thanks, Tom!)

- prickly pear and mango margaritas from Macayo's along with the purchase of a pair of truly cheesy, possibly stereotypical margarita glasses dubbed Senor Bob and Cha Cha.

- a wonderful welcome basket with Arizona treats from our warm, funny and entertaining host and hostess, Tom and Bree.

- a playdough goat and cow, handcrafted by Trevor.

- photos of the most beautiful, peaceful and varied scenery along our drive from Chandler to Flagstaff, I think we took over 100 shots, camera strap wrapped tightly around my arm, sticking out of the car.

- welcome to Amarillo from a little boy in a black cowboy hat, shouting down from the 2nd floor of our motel, "Ma'am, I like your car!"

- things we considered buying based solely on the constant pressure from shouting billboards along the highway: authentic Navajo blankets, real handcrafted Indian Turquoise jewelry, many many Kochina dolls, moccasins, Hopi rugs and pottery, maple nut logs, and a 72 oz. steak from The Big Texan.

- green chile sauce from El Patio, 'nuff said.


bethany actually said...

I will freely admit that your photos of Arizona made me miss Arizona. I wasn't really aware of loving it while we were there; I was to consumed with being pregnant and navigating life with a newborn. But every time I've been back there I've been surprised by how much I love it and how much I still miss it.

I'm so glad you documented the Joe/Steve/Guy/John/That Boy thing! That was too hilarious. I still giggle quietly to myself when I think about her calling him Steve.

bethany actually said...

Arrrgh, clearly that should have been "I was TOO consumed" in my previous comment. Just a typo@

bethany actually said...

And another typo! What is up with my typing today! It's not even midnight or anything.

Mim Smith Faro said...

I came over from Bethany's blog. She says, "hi!"

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Sonja said...

Bethany said to tell you hi... so here I am. I've heard about the old paint vs. new paint, too. :)

Bravely Obey said...

Brenda and Bethany were adamant that old was better, it was entertaining.