Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 Days: Day 6 - Library and Liberty Tax

James of Liberty Tax

That's James. He works for Liberty Tax around the corner from my house. From January to April 15, Liberty Taxes all over the country have someone standing outside, dressed like Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty, waving and drumming up business. I always wave back. Even last year when the Statue of Liberty was an ugly transvestite with a heavy five o'clock shadow and pink lipstick. Because I think that would be a pretty crappy job. Standing on a street corner, in all kinds of weather, dressed in an outlandish get up, constantly smiling, dancing or trying to get passerby's attention. I wouldn't want to do it. But they always make me smile.


The Liberty Tax wavers always seem to be happy, energetic, friendly and bold. I admire that. So after taking some pretty mediocre 7 days pictures at the library, see below. I stopped to get some gas, in the same strip mall as Liberty Tax. And I noticed James' large sequined red, white and blue hat, his stars and stripes vest, and jacket complete with star scattered tails, and striped pants. Just silly. So after pumping my gas, I ran over and introduced myself, my silly photo project and blog, and asked James a little about his job and if he would mind letting me take a picture of us. James said that he likes the job because he likes being outside and he likes making people smile. Though he said when it's too cold they don't get to work which is good and bad.  I asked him if most people were nice and he said absolutely.  He laughed at me as we took a couple of pictures, none of which were that great of me, but James steals the show anyway, who wouldn't in that hat? We got honked at, people at the gas station chuckled watching us, and I had a great time meeting James. As I left and thanked him, he said, "No thank you, you just made me into a celebrity." Hilarious.

The Drop Off
Dropping off books at the library. Maybe if I had on an Uncle Sam hat this photo would be better. I might just do that from now on to jazz up boring situations.

The Library Hold Section

Picking up one of the two Madeleine Albright books I had on my hold list. I think she would approve of this patriotic post. Though if I were wearing a brooch it might be better.

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Suzy C said...

I always like to wave at the Liberty Tax people too but they're not anywhere convenient for me to stop. Nice to know that at least one likes his job! See you on Saturday!