Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7 Days: Day 5 - Rushing Around Like a Fool, with my pants on the ground

Chicken Salad, lunch, dinner, whatever.
It's rainy and glum outside right now.  I have a killer headache and a lot to get done today, and tonight before we head out of town for a delightful family filled four day weekend in Madison.  I am absolutely looking forward to it.

In an effort to cram in as many errands as possible in a short amount of time, I stopped to buy some pants over my lunch hour.  I do not really like shopping.  I like to walk into the perfect store, select the exact item I came in for, buy it and walk out the door. This rarely occurs. Today I tried on 8 pairs of pants in 8 minutes.  And two problems presented themselves.  One, I'm between sizes.  Two, I'm tall.  Now neither one of these things is a surprise.  I've lost enough weight that my current pants are looking a little floaty and drapey, ok, just saggy.  That's great.  I'm down a full size at least, but things just fit differently, and nothing quite worked, either extreme-panty-line tight in the butt and perfect in the legs, or perfect in the hips and ridiculously sausage-casingy in the thighs.  And then the tallness.  I've been tall for a long time, about 6' since 7-8th grade, and I usually have no problem nowadays finding the right length, but I found two pair of tall pants today, and they were both silver.  Really, silver?  Who wears silver pants?  And I don't mean a bright gray, I'm talking shiny, pinstripe silver.

So the pants shopping was a bust.  I ran home, let the dog out in the rain, scarfed down some chicken salad and crackers, snapped a quick picture, ran back to the office, meeting, meeting, work, work, work, photo upload, three minute blog and here we are.


jastereo said...

I love the hurriedness of this post. Sounds like you need a little LOST tonight to chill out (after your done w/ your chores that is) Haaaaaaaa.

Katrina said...

I am impressed that you tried on 8 pairs of pants in 8 minutes!! That's got to be a record. Congrats on going down a size!! That rocks!! But bummer about SILVER pants. Silver?!? Really?!!? Hope you have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you have a mega headache!
Missy S B

Anonymous said...

Pants shopping is the worse! Love the bracelet. Sherry

Kristendom said...

Hey - what's wrong with silver pants? I used to have a pair - vinyl, no less. I guess the operative phrase in that sentence is "used to." Sorry for the shopping woes - I hate going shopping some days. Maybe we should go shopping together since we had so much fun doing that for Tara's shower.
Have a good trip!

kassie lou said...

Kristen, I totally thought of you when I saw those silver pants. You my dear, could pull them off!

Dana said...

I LOVE your bracelet. WANT.

Wait—Is it bad that I commented about something you didn't even write about? :)

kassie lou said...

Dana, that bracelet is something I really want to learn how to make. It was ridiculously inexpensive and nicely made. Ah, craft shows. If I see the artist again I'll get one for you.