Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 Days: Day 2 - Spring Blessings, Sunlight and some Pizza

Today kind of disappeared on me. I turned around and it was 5pm already. But it was a great, full, and thought filled kind of day.  We went to Unity Church of Overland Park this morning for our friends, Caroline and Kegan's son's christening. Maddox is seven months old and smiley and all chubby cheeks and big eyes. Not only did we get to celebrate Maddox and the joy he brings to their family and to everyone who meets him, but we got to test out Unity Church as well. ( #28 on my list, pick a church or something)




Caroline and Kegan are great parents and good friends and their two boys are adorable. They look like a blond J Crew or Land's End ad, but real and funny and sincere and kind.  Joe and I were honored to be included in such a spiritual moment with their family. We enjoyed the service too. The minister gave a sermon about revising the way you should view Psalms 23, typically thought of as a funeral prayer, and morphing it into a prayer of strength that can be called up during significant struggles or times of transition in your life. I liked that. The idea of changing what I've thought of as a mournful, depressing group of verses into something that I could derive power or sustenance from made sense to me.


But generally I don't think Unity is the church for us.  Joe and I are are both very open minded and easy going in our regular lives, but for some reason the laid back, non-traditional, new age feeling at Unity just doesn't feel right for me, or Joe I think.  I love the message of acceptance and openness that Unity professes. I feel comfortable with the brief meditation time and the friendly congregation, but I miss the traditions of my childhood. I miss hymnals, big TV screens don't work for me. I want the music and lyrics and the book itself in my hand. I miss church choirs, and the live band and singer are great, but it just isn't what I want at church. All of it seems cheesy and forced to me. And I know it isn't. I know people love this new worship. But I feel cynical and closed in that setting. And you probably shouldn't feel that way at your own church.  Next week we'll be attending our nephew Jackson's christening at a Catholic church in Madison. I will be curious to compare the two ceremonies and see how similar and how vastly different they handle the same rite of passage. But I'm pretty sure the Catholic church isn't going to be our next church home either. Sorry, Pope Benedict!


After church we headed out to meet my mother for lunch at one of our favorite pizza places, Spin.  So we took my mom, who'd never been there before. I love my mother, a lot. Yet we have one of those complicated relationships like so many mothers and daughters do. I'm overly critical and judgmental, and take on the parent role too easily. She can be in her own little world sometimes and I feel like I have to remind her that her attention and opinions are so valuable to me. But in an effort to improve our relationship, (#16) I just want to have more fun with her.  Try to be less worried about her and less focused on her current state of health and happiness. I want to be in the moment, as cheesy as that sounds. It is hard for me. So doing the 7 days photo shoot in the middle of Spin was perfect. We got to goof off and play and relax instead of waiting for one of us to say the wrong thing.  And I think I got some strong photos, too.

Mother and Daughter
This was my 7 days shot, and since style was the theme for the day, I would say I got my sense of style from my mom.


Trying to get Mom to flick off Joe holding the camera, first she had to check and see if any kids were watching.

All clear, now she's in!

This ticked her off a bit, but she was a good sport. I love you, Mom. Let's goof off again soon.

All photos by Joe Sands, except for the 7 Days shot, I got that one. 


Kristendom said...

I really like the pic of your mom flicking off the camera - she genuinely looks like she's having fun. I would guess that could be a hard emotion to catch on camera. And a good one to look back on during those times where you're less than patient with her :-).

bethany actually said...

I always feel like there are so many points I want to address when I comment on your blog that I should do numbered lists. So:

1. You've always thought of the 23rd Psalm as mournful and depressing, really? I guess I understand why since people use it at funerals, what with it talking about dwelling in the Lord's house forever. But I've always thought of it as a really calming, strength-giving psalm. But maybe that's just me and my optimist ways. ;-)

2. I totally get what you're saying about modern worship styles with big screens and rock bands. Nothing wrong with those things, but they feel forced to me too. And isn't that why there are all kinds of churches, so we can all find the place where we can worship best?

3. I've been to Spin!

4. I don't know if I've ever heard it called flicking someone off. I've always heard flipping off. Huh. Regional difference?

Kassie said...

Bethany, I hadn't really ever thought much about Psalms 23, other than tied to loss. I like that you have always viewed it as a calming strengthening piece. Kind of why I'd like to find a church that's a good fit, so I can learn more. And I'm so glad we have so many choices, or not going at all.

Katrina said...

I am with you on the church thing. I think its really hard to find the balance of a church being open minded enough but at the same time not too modern either. I am still searching as well.

LOVE the pics of you and your mom!! You guys look like you are having a blast! That's awesome!

Caroline said...

I feel the same way about Unity of OP and that's where we had our children christened! Sounds like we need to start our own place.

PS - love the pic of you and your mom!