Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've Been Getting Some Action

Ok, dirty minds, I'm not talking about that kind of action. I'm talking taking some action on the Bravely Obey in Action list!

I didn't want to write the list and then essentially forget about it for ages. So I'm tackling the cheap and easy items first. That's right, I said cheap and easy. (Though as Joe pointed out vacations aren't exactly cheap, but on my list, US vacations are the cheaper option.)

#42 (Take a beach vacation, wander around, cook and eat lots of local seafood, read a ton of books, get tan, and spend lots of alone time with husband) is scheduled for the end of May. Can you guess where we are going? Either the Land of Sunshine or the Land o' Sand, depending on which postcard sales pitch you believe.

#5 (Buy some fantastic antique brooches and wear them more often) is so easy I can sit in my Scottie pajama pants and accomplish it successfully. This morning I spent far too long browsing for vintage and not so vintage brooches on Etsy. Have you visited Etsy? It's amazing. Everything is either handmade or vintage and there are some gorgeous and some bizarre items for sale. Handmade can be scary. I went for tasteful and vintage this time.

I'm failing horribly at #39 (Stop yelling and cursing at people when I'm driving. I'm not sure this is possible) in fact I'm not even trying. I occasionally catch myself yelling something like "you stupid motherf*&%*^!" and then think I probably shouldn't have said that. But I did. Maybe having a kid will break me of this. Maybe.

I'm two pounds closer to #29. (Reach my goal weight) That's a grand total of 26 pounds this year. Oh, yeah.

#27 (Take more photos) is going ok, see previous blog post, though the coolest photos were taken by Joe.  Probably should do that more during the week and not just on vacation, but 7 days starts next weekend, so lots of self portrait photos will be happening, and lots more writing, since I'm going to try to mini-blog everyday with each photo like I did at Christmas. And that will help with #40. (Write more and better) Though I can't promise anything on the better part.

So that's my mini-list update post for today.  Now it's time to close the laptop, put some clothes on, get out there and chop it up. What have you crossed off your list in the last couple of weeks?


Sherry said...

Love reading your blogs. Congrats on the weight loss, you'll be at your goal before you know it. Looking forward to seeing you both next weekend.

Katrina said...

You ROCK!! Look at you checking things off the list!! That's awesome!!

Bravely Obey said...

Thanks, guys! It's really fun working on the list. I highly recommend it. Though you guys both do such cool stuff already you probably don't even need one.