Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Whole Year of Action

Why, hello there! Do you know what today is? It's the year anniversary of my Bravely Obey in Action List! Yeah, I didn't know either until I was fixing some broken links on it last night and realized, hey, it's been a whole year since I whipped that little list up. In honor of those 46 items, I thought it might be the perfect time to check in, see what I've crossed off and see what's up next. Frankly, I seem to have included a lot of long term, step-by-step items so that means lots of baby steps and not a lot of crossing off. But baby steps are adorable if stumbly, so I'm ok with that.


12. Design a garden with plantings for each season. - When my mother-in-law Sherry was in town last weekend (another blog post I still need to write) we had a great discussion about the gardening project. She generously offered to come down to KC sometime in late April/early May to help me design, shop, select and then the dirty part, actually plant our new perennials and annuals. Now our yard will look more beautiful and less mulchy. And since Joe hates to actually do the planting, it will be fun to work on the project with someone who really loves getting dirt under their fingernails.

 From the very cool San Fran postcard collecting club (Click on the postcard to visit the site,)
this one from the collection of Lew Baer.

17. Take an international vacation for our 10th wedding anniversary. - Instead of an international vacation, which just isn't in our budget right now, we have opted for the cosmopolitan and delightful San Francisco Bay area! It's a part of the country that Joe and I have both visited in the past and adore. We are spending about five days in San Francisco and then heading over to Monterrey and Santa Cruz, visiting some friends, attending Joe's cousin's college graduation and seeing some family. A long ten day trip in June and I can't wait. Sour dough bread, fog, curvy, twisty streets lined with tall pastel houses, shopping, sea air, art, and romance. Should be a lovely getaway to celebrate ten lovely years of marriage to my best friend. Yeah, we're nauseatingly happy sometimes, sorry.


5. Buy some fantastic antique brooches and wear them more often. - This was the easiest and cheapest goal on the list. A grand total of $20 was spent on the brooches you see here. All vintage, all in pristine condition. Sparkly and quirky and I'm trying to wear them a lot more. I'm going to keep adding to the collection. Because what outfit isn't jazzed up with a glittery peacock on the lapel?
13. Create new jewelry designs with materials I haven't used before. -This is an ongoing project that I'm still working out the kinks on. I bought a lot of vintage jewelry pieces, some rich dark purple upholstery cord, and three colors of organza ribbon.  I've got three pieces made so far, but I've gotten a bit stuck. I'm working on weaving the cord within some silver chain, but I'm not sure yet. I'll just keep trying until I end up with something I actually like.

8. Write a book, possibly fiction, possibly nonfiction, I don't know yet. - Totally started this one with the November NaNoWriMo project and made a significant dent in it! I'm proud and excited and yet I still haven't cracked it open and started editing what I wrote in November. The same group that runs NaNoWriMo also hosts the April Script Frenzy which focuses on play, movie or graphic novel writing. Instead I'm going to make April Edit Frenzy and actually start rewriting that damn novel I started. I will. I promise I will, even if I have to drink a little Scotch to make it happen.

41. Consider next steps for career advancement: MPA, CFRE, UMKC fund development certificate, Centurions Kansas City. - UMKC Fund Development certificate owned!! Others not sure about yet. I'm thinking. I'm a slow thinker.

19. Travel to each of the 50 states, I've got North Dakota,Washington, Montana, Oregon, South and North Carolina, Alaska and Hawaii left. - I've hit 43 states and I can never honestly remember if I've driven through Montana. Several of these only count as airport visits, but that's still part of the state, right?
I'm hoping to get the chance to visit Washington and Oregon in the next couple of years but the rest of these states are probably going to have to wait awhile. We'll see.

Bravely Obey In Action Anniversary

27. Take more photos. - This blog and 7 Days have both encouraged me to take more photos.  Photos make blog posts more interesting and engaging. And 7 Days is just sheer joy. I've made new internet friends and I might actually be developing into a slightly better photographer, though it could be Joe's camera equipment that deserves the credit. Either way 7 Days is back March 19 - 25 so be prepared for too many photos of this mug.

Next UP:

24. Pack a picnic lunch and relax outside all day. - Almost warm enough, almost.

44. Attend a show at a local planetarium. - Saturday Joe and I are headed down to Union Station for this fabulous show, possibly the Princess Diana exhibit and a little photo exploration.

37. Have someone teach me how to make tortillas from scratch. (Then have tasty fiesta!) - I still need to find someone to teach me, it might have to be Rick Bayless online. I'm hoping to make this one happen in June. I've got the menu half planned. I know carne asada and a tres leches cake are both on the menu. Ole!

43. Constantly add to and update this list. - Thinking about these, any suggestions?

I think I need to give some credit to this list and this blog for making the last year one of the most fun of my life. This list has been motivational, has kept my goals and desires and whims at the forefront of my mind. The drive to have good blog post material has sometimes made me try things or attend events that I might not have otherwise. So thanks for reading and thanks for cheering me on as I work the list! Have you made your own yet or is it tucked safely away inside your own head?

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Congrats on accomplishing so much on your list!! I really admire that!!

And thanks for the heads up on 7 days!!