Monday, March 21, 2011

Sushi? Fo Sho!

7 Days: 3- Edamame Monday

My 7 days shot including perfect Monday broken chopsticks.

It's Monday. I should applaud the arrival of a new week. I'm breathing, and employed. My skin is relatively clear. I don't want to smack my husband. I have a nightstand full of books to chose from. The weather was pretty damn spectacular today. But it is still Monday. My least favorite day of the week. I know you feel the same way. In order to counteract the devastatingly dull effects of another Monday, Joe and I met for sushi right after work.

My alternate shot that I frankly don't remember taking, but I'm a bit shiny. It was warm and I'm dewy (read oily.)

We have two favorite sushi restaurants in Kansas City. They serve two distinct and dynamite purposes. Haru is our going out for sushi and a movie restaurant. It's across town, but right by a really big movie theater. And they serve the best spicy crab salad, in the history of spicy crab salads (that I've eaten, so like three.) It's filled with sirimi crab, mango, panko cripsy bread crumbs, julienned cucumber and spicy mayo. For a perfect date night, movie and Haru it is. Their sushi is quite good as well, always very fresh and creative. But on a regular week night, just running to do take out or for a quick sushi fix, we hit Kokoro Maki House.

They know us at Kokoro. A friendly, casual family restaurant, Mom and Dad make the sushi, both Sons alternate between studying and running the register. The family is from Korea and evidently Kokoro also serves some of the best Korean food in town, though we do not know this from personal experience. As Joe just said, "Damned if I've eaten Korean when I can have sushi!"  And they always know Joe when he walks in the door.  This is Joe's happy sushi face. I believe he just popped a New York Roll into his mouth. New York Roll or the Big Apple Roll is made with smoked salmon, crispy apple and cream cheese. It makes smiles magically appear. We also had some salty edamame, the Yum Yum roll, Philly, and Sunday Morning. A nice medley of probably quite Americanized hand rolls but they are perfect. And enough for leftover late night snacking while commenting on 7 Days photos. At least for one of us, I'll let you guess which one.

I like having a local neighborhood restaurant. I like meeting my husband after work and sitting quietly and decompressing after a hectic day. We found ourselves taking silly photos, popping edamame beans in our mouths, and then just sitting there looking at each other. It was one of those nights were we didn't talk much. Neither one of us was chatty tonight. And that's one of the wonderful things about being in a long term relationship. We sat comfortably in silence off and on throughout dinner and it was perfect. Sitting together, enjoying being together and not having to say a word. Just using chop sticks, and enjoying the cool, light and spicy flavors, and coming home together.

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bethany actually said...

Yet ANOTHER restaurant for you to take us to sometime. Also, I used to feel the same way about Mondays...till I started watching Castle. ;-)