Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 Days: Day 2 - Heading Back Down

Red Rock Steps

We've had a lovely weekend in Omaha, but now it's time to go. I'm running down the stairs to load up our suitcases and head back down to Kansas City.  And this certainly fits nicely in the 7 Days theme today which is "down."
Joe's parents have a beautiful log home that faces a small lake. it's relaxing and all naturey. When they first bought the house a few years ago it had these rickety and tilting red rocks in place as stairs. Omaha gets quite a bit of snow, so uneven red rocks don't make for the best stairs, especially to walk up a rather steep hill to their front door.


Shortly after moving in, they replaced the rocks with these lovely curving steps, bright green metal railings and these gorgeous staggered multi level flower beds surrounded by red rocks. Some of the rocks even have dark gray leaf fossil impressions in them. Its all very organic and natural and ties into the house perfectly. I love sitting here and watching fireworks in the summer, or the gazing at the lake, or waving hi to neighbors walking their dogs or riding around the neighborhood on bikes. But it's a beautiful place to spend some time. I particularly love these stairs in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom and fill their yard with life.  Not quite there yet, but you can see those crocus are just the first sign.


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