Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can I Sit With You?

I received an incredibly flattering email in February. The best kind of an email that a little blog writer can receive actually. It was from Jennifer Byde Myers. Now who is Jennifer Byde Myers you ask? I asked the same thing actually when I received her email. Turns out she's the fabulous lady who runs the website, Can I Sit With You? , along with her friend and co-founder, Shannon Des Roches Rosas. In case you haven't heard about Can I Sit With You?, let me fill you in.

Can I Sit With You? is a website that compiles true stories, written by regular people, describing the social stresses and often traumatic tales of middle and high school kids. It's kind of like an It Gets Better Project for everyone. Can I Sit With You? publishes these personal, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking stories to help kids understand that everyone deals with the same struggles, fears and concerns and that we all can survive it. They post these stories to their blog and then annually compile them into a book. 100% of proceeds from the sales of the book go to help children with disabilities in Redwood City, CA schools. While the fund raising cause may be very specific, I think the purpose and impact of this website can be universal. That sense of feeling alone and isolated can be so uncomfortable and painful for kids, and these stories can help alleviate that sense of being outside, looking in.

So back to that email that made me squeal a bit more than I'd like to admit, I was honored that Jennifer  asked if they could publish a couple of my blog posts over on their site. She posted the first one today, in which I reveal my not so secret theater nerd history. So take a minute when you have a chance, and go read some of the other great posts over at Can I Sit With You? If you have a preteen or teenager in your house, send them over too. They might find a story that speaks to them and helps to make them feel normal. Because feeling normal can be hard to come by in high school!


Anonymous said...

Well did! Catching a wider audience is always a great feeling, even if it's also intimidating in some cases. Congratulations on the recognition!

Nae said...

Congratulations that IS quite an honor. People are reading cuz your blog is real, entertaining and well written. YEAH!!!