Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lunch Break Face

I had about thirty minutes between meetings today to run out and grab lunch and breathe. For me, the most restorative lunches often involve grabbing something easy (chicken nuggets, side salad, diet coke today,) finding a quiet place to park my car, on good days rolling the windows down (like today) and reading. Today I was reading You Know When the Men are Gone, a short story collection about army and military families written by Siobhan Fallon. It is beautiful and meticulous and took my mind off of work. I nearly lost track of time.

My alternate photo was the default collage, which I tend to choose: 1. Because I'm not that great on the technical side of photography yet and apps tend to jazz up boring photos as we all know. And 2. I like to tell stories and the collage always lets me cram more in a small space. But since I collaged yesterday, I went simple today. The look on my face when I'm reading something I love. Something I'm sure my fellow 7 Dayers totally understand

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margherio said...

For tomorrow's picture try to get a little bit of lunch on the side of your mouth....that will be interesting enough to skip the collage.