Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Sparklies - 7 Days: Day 6

making sparklies - day 6

Tonight after a late meeting, I came home, changed into my pjs, scarfed down a little dinner and settled in to do something creative and relaxing. I owed a couple of friends/coworkers some earrings to match other pieces that they had already purchased from my little side business. So I pulled out the multitude of bead boxes and got down to it. I love the peaceful and relaxing task of sorting through and matching shiny, jewel colored beads, twisting and turning silver and making something sparkly and dangly out of basic materials.  I made a big mess. Beads all scattered about, bits and pieces of old earrings, clipped wire, head pins, clasps and flat, creamy pearl discs. I like how both pairs of earrings turned out, I hope the ladies do too. I have two more pairs to make, a necklace to shorten and then maybe I'll start making a few new pieces and get that etsy shopping going. I keep saying that, but maybe I can actually make it happen. It is on my life list after all. Just don't hold your breath waiting.



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