Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Day Sunny Side Up

5:45am- Dragging myself forcibly out of bed. I am pissy about this fact and this is just silly. I need something bright to wear to fix this attitude. YELLOW!

7:00am - At the office early, first iced coffee of the spring sucked down, power brooch in place like Madeline Albright, prepping for a meeting, agenda writing, researching and document wrap up. A little hectic but the office is empty which is good.

10:00am- Meeting ended, receive lovely compliment that I really needed after an unpleasant end to yesterday's work day. I like work.

10:15am- Second meeting, frustrating situation finds resolution with minimal blood shed and peppered laughter. My tone of voice might have been a little harsh, eh, scaring people is good on occasion.

11:00am- Third meeting so far, give fifteen minute Excel lesson to seventy five year old board member. She couldn't figure out how to print. How frustrating for such a simple thing to trip you up. She was very sweet and very frustrated. She was also wearing one of those awesome windbreaker outfits in bright 80's colors. I love her.

11:30am- Bonus lunch with the delightful Kristen! Highlight of the day so far. (Chicken havarti bagel thin sandwich from Einstein Brothers: highly. recommend. it.)

12:45 to 5:00pm- A shockingly meeting free afternoon so I'm tackling projects, knocking down database imports, grant writing, phone calls and donor reports.

5:15pm- 7pm - Coffee with Tara, Caroline and baby Madeline (not Madeline Albright,) and a toffee nut cookie. Conversation filled with talk of career paths, job hunting war stories, babies, romantic anniversary trips, Bunco and fashion. Yeah girl friends!

7:20pm- Home, comfy clothes, kiss husband, heat up leftovers, and decide that I have too many good photos from the day and now I must collage because one photo is just not enough today and I need to get to commenting!

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