Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Less Serious, More Trivial

I have a habit of being rather serious sometimes. Not horribly so. Not your stuffy Great Aunt Mildred serious or dryly serious, more just taking myself and my life too seriously in an over-thinking sort of way. A bit risk averse and guilt ridden, earnest and concerned. Overly analytical and worried about other people's feelings and perceptions sometimes. It can cause serious writers block(s) for me on this blog. What do people want to read about? Is my life and perspective interesting enough to share here? Why would anyone care about how I spent my weekend?  Do I have anything new or interesting to say today? Sometimes the answer is "no, not really." Sometimes I push through and you get mediocre recipe posts with colorful photographs, that I use in hopes of distracting you. And occasionally I feel like I've hit it out of the park. Like I've said exactly what I wanted to say, in just the most clever and sane way that I could imagine saying it. But to cut through all this over-thinking, I want to just post more fun, light, goofy, trivial stuff. Things that make me laugh, that you've probably already seen somewhere before but who cares? Read or don't read, watch the video or follow the link if you need a chuckle. But either way whatever I've posted made me smile and got me through a Monday.

Today I bring you: Paul Rudd dancing! Because he's charming, adorable, went to KU and somehow makes goofy dancing both sexy and funny.


Katrina said...

I heart Paul Rudd!!

Emily said...

Hard to imagine anything I needed more than that today! That was perfect...and Paul Rudd is the bestest! Thank you! :)

kassie lou said...

So glad to know the Rudd served his purpose, Emily!