Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Baaaaack! 7 Days: Day 1

How do I know that it's the middle of March? Because 7 Days is back!
We are up in Omaha for the weekend and thought we would kick off this 7 Days round with a little group shot. The lovely Bethany and her daughters are visiting from D.C. so we got together at our favorite breakfast spot, Wheatfields. It was loud and filled with tie dyed shirt wearing waitresses and lots of rowdy families. The gang of us crammed into a slightly too small booth with Joe's mom, Bethany's mom, niece Aurora, Joe, me and of course Annalie and Elliora (who is even cuter in person if that's possible.) We talked, stuffed our faces, built elaborate towers out of creamer containers and promptly knocked them over. And then we needed some outdoor time to run around, I mean the kids did, ok we did too. But what had been a sunny mild day had turned gray and windy. We headed over to Cancer Survivor's Park and ran around, picked up leaves, spun babies around, took pictures and generally tried to stay warm. Can't wait to see what Joe and Bethany's look like, I'll post links once they post them, but here's mine. And now I've got to get back to Flickr and get to commenting. See you tomorrow!

Breezy Brunch with Bethany and her brood


bethany actually said...

Here's mine!

Also, I feel I must share with you that my word verification is "murdersho," which could be read as, "Murders, ho!" or "Murdersho(w)!" Either is acceptable.

Nae said...

I swear your skin gets better and better - beautiful shot! Glad you are having a great weekend :) I'm working on my shot now, but I have yet to be allowed to the flickr group otherwise I'd have commented on your pic there. Happy Spring!