Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wheelin Around

First ride on new bike

I went for my first bike ride in eleven years tonight. It was short, 20 minutes or so just around my neighborhood. But it was great fun. The weather is perfect, my helmet is shiny and red and I saw two mama deer and three speckled baby deer, after I finally made my way up what felt like Mount Everest. Right at the top and scattered over the front yard of one of the houses, the deer were my reward. I hopped off the bike and just stared at them for several minutes while the babies nibbled on some bushes and the momma deer watched me closely. We were standing very close to each other when a lady walking her barky dog came around the corner and the deer bolted. I love the fact that our neighborhood backs up to several acres of woods so we always see deer, raccoon, possum and fox running around especially close to sunset this time of year.

I forget how visible you are on a bike versus just as a walker. I got big smiles from several drivers, a "Good Evening, dear" from a sleek gray haired cyclist who zipped past me after flashing his bright white smile, and lots of friendly waves and hellos from people walking dogs, watering plants and one man actually trimming his grass with a pair of scissors. This weekend I'm buying a new bike seat that will cushion the lady bits a bit more and I'm hitting the bike trail. Just hope the rain holds off. Now how was your Thursday?

(Thanks for the bike, Kristen!)

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