Friday, September 23, 2011



Good morning, friends. All of the beautiful bare faced portraits in 7 Days this week inspired me. (Click on those words back there to go see, they are gorgeous women.)

Here I am. No make up, on our deck looking for the most flattering light and wishing that little red patch on my cheek would go away. I wear make up nearly every single day. I like it, a lot. Not heavy, but just the right amount to make me feel polished and confident. I do not feel so confident here. And maybe that's something I need to think about.


Here's my alternate. Complete with dottery mug to distract and hide the lower half of my face. This is my all time favorite mug. It is covered with beautiful dottery and curse words. For real. Bethany kicks ass.

I'll be back tomorrow with real blog posts now that 7 Days is over this round. It seems to steal all of my free time and suck it away into comment land. The photos are fun to take, but the commenting on everyone's work is what seems to take enormous amounts of time. Totally worth it though. But I promise more actual writing content and less of my face. I've got posts about trips to Madison with the cutest baby/kid pictures ever, our last couple of days in San Francisco, a trip to the Plaza Art Fair on Sunday and a post I've been working on for ages about my most memorable travel experience ever, a month spent in West Africa in the late 1990's. So I'll see you Saturday!

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