Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonight's Plan

Tonight's Plan

Here's the plan:
Drop off pants at elderly seamstress' house complete with cats, her frail toothy smile, and heavy Eastern European accent.

Buy tampon multi pack at CVS, this was a genius marketing idea.

Pop three Advil upon entering house and realize that I am as cranky as any irritating Pamprin commercial you've ever seen. Feel stereotypical and then pissy about how gender stereotypes suck, especially when they are occasionally accurate.

Pick fight with Joe over absolutely nothing because he's here and nice.

Nearly cry while watching an episode of Friends.

Eat leftovers for dinner so minimal exertion is required.

Pour large cool glass of white wine.

Change into pants with elastic waist and reading themed tshirt.

Plop on couch in front of open window with cool fall breeze pulled in by the attic fan.

Contemplate second large glass of wine.

Open book and start reading.

Turn on the Arcade Fire live from Spain concert and realize that by tomorrow I will lose the cranky and return to my normal chipper self.

Apologize to Joe and eat some dark chocolate, just to round out the stereotypes totally.


Denise said...

Love this... the imagery you created if spot on. Been there! Especially the picking a fight for no reason. =\

Kassie said...

Glad I'm not the only one, Denise!