Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avocado Two Ways

After a Friday evening spent celebrating a friend's birthday at the greasy hamburger mecca, Five Guys, Joe and I were desperate for some non-peanut oil deep fried vegetables. Have you had Five Guys fries? They are quite possibly the worst fries for you in the world but they are amazing. We split a regular order and I controlled myself by just eating one of their little burgers and a handful of fries, but honestly I wanted to stick my face in the paper bag they were delivered in and just sniff up all that peanut oil deliciousness. I refrained since that might have looked a little strange in front of the kids and three couples we were eating with. After that yummy, classic burger night, I was craving some green stuff today.

Red Quinoa and Avocado Salad

Our bag of four avocados were finally ripe. I had a box of quinoa that my sister in law gave me over a year ago, and a recipe that I knew I loved. My sister in law, Katy and her mom, Mary Jo, make this Trader Joe's Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Salad that is a perfect combination of fresh, bright flavors and creamy avocado mixed with the hearty nutty taste of red quinoa. I don't know why I haven't made this before, just never got around to it and then the box creeped into the back of our pantry, into the dead zone where cocoa and Karo syrup and bread crumbs go to die, next to the sprinkles and molasses and that lonely box of couscous. I saved it from a dark, dusty oblivion and made it this afternoon. I have never made quinoa before. Turns out it's as easy to cook as rice, it just looks goofy.  More like rice that has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Joe hates quinoa. Meaning I'm going to have a lot of this salad to eat over the next few days. I think I can handle it. 

But I felt kind of guilty using all the avocado. So we split the recipe up. I chopped, mixed and pulled together all of the ingredients except for the quinoa and then let Joe take a cut  for his own lunch.
Quinoa salad for me, and guacamole tostada for Joe. 

Guacamole tostada

His lunch was equally delicious. He added more avocado to the mix from my recipe, and smushed all of the ingredients together to make a flavorful, corn and bean guacamole. Then since we didn't have any tortilla chips on hand, Joe made a quick tostada with some shredded cheddar and soft tortillas cooked on a grill pan. Topped with generous portions of guacamole, it was warm, crunchy, cheesy and delicious. Avocado, two ways, both delicious, both pretty healthy, and both easy as can be. Not bad for a quick Saturday lunch. And Sunday, and Monday and probably Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday.  I think I might hate red quinoa by the end of the week. That's a lot of quinoa for one person. Want to come join me for lunch?


bethany actually said...

We had quinoa salad today too! Only ours had mango, onion, cilantro, red pepper, black beans, corn, and chicken in it. Also lime juice and oil and vinegar and garlic. It was DELICIOUS. Too bad Joe doesn't like quinoa. Then again, he also doesn't like onions or bell peppers, so what does he know!? ;-) I wish I could come eat some of that avocado quinoa salad with you!

Snowfairy said...

That looks and sounds so delicious, you probably will get a line of people turning up to try some.

Kassie said...

Bethany, I'm going to try yours next time. Mango, mmmm. Emily, if you weren't across the ocean we could have a little quinoa lunch together!