Friday, September 16, 2011

Nine Times? Nine Times.

Tomorrow the Fall round of 7 Days gets started. (And by the way, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here or here!) When I realized this earlier in the week, I went back to Flickr to see how many times I'd participated in what is one of the most friendly, supportive and creative photo groups out there. (Of the two photo groups I've ever participated in, maybe my testing sample is small but my results are completely accurate.)  And to quote Edward Rooney, it will be, "nine times" for me this round.

While I've been a part of this self portrait photography groups' quarterly week-long run since 2009, I'm still a relative newbie compared to many, many other people who enthusiastically participate each year. I think in the two years since I joined, the group has changed and fluctuated. There are more kids involved, there are many more camera phone shots, and Hipstamatic and Instagram are prevalent. But the things that stay consistent are the hilarious and clever commentary, the ingenuity and unique vision of some of the incredibly talented photographers, the inspirational photo ideas, and the consistent and slightly voyeuristic thrill of getting a slim peek into someone's everyday life.

So I thought I'd pick my eight favorite shots from the last eight 7 days sessions, and then after this week I'll come back and add my favorite from this, my ninth slightly-narcissistic, challenging and silly week of reflective surfaces and arms length smiles, public humiliation and laughter inducing self portraits.

Day 3: Before and After
Fall 2009 -There seems to be a hair theme in many of the 7 Days shots, I tend to get my haircut quarterly and it just lines up.

Getting our brunch on, with silverware!
Winter 2009- There is also a Bethany theme in 7 Days too! 

Mother and Daughter
Spring 2010- This is my mother, not my twin. I promise.

Festive Chaos
Summer 2010- The mess and chaos after our Italian Feast dinner party. I want pasta now.

Fall 2010- This is what most of my mornings look like. Today actually, same rollers, different mug.

7 Days:6- The Snowy North
Winter 2010- Driving up to Madison for Christmas and keeping us amused. I did this whole thing in the car. I love technology.

Spring 2011- Reading in bed. Nightly occurrence and black and white makes my random adult zit breakout look more like freckles. Black and white is forgiving.

Making a Ginger
Summer 2011- 1950's housewife colors her hair at home.


bethany actually said...

Wow, you've done 7 Days nine times? That means I've done it...[quick mental calculation]...HOLY CROW I've done 7 Days 18 times. How is that possible?!

Well, in any case, I think it's a much better, funner group with you in it. :-)

Bex said...

I agree with Bethany. You are one of my favorite beautiful faces, dear! ♥

kj said...

You take great self-photos! Yeah for 7Days!

Kassie said...

Oh, thanks, ladies. You three are pretty spectacular yourselves.