Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Change Over

It seems as if fall just magically appeared here in Kansas City. With October like weather, it was cool and rainy and the perfect type of day to dump my entire closet on the bed. I started weeding out the things to give or throw away, things I continue to wear but probably shouldn't, my favorite black pants that need a zipper replaced, perfect jeans other than that hole in the crotch, and a red cardigan with so many pills it could open a pharmacy. So I have the fix/repair pile, give away and the throw aways.

help, my closet exploded!

Plus trading out the cute cotton skirts and sandals for boots and tights and sweaters, my favorite season. But the pile was a little overwhelming. What have I gotten myself into? Should I even admit how many cardigans I own? Cardigans and necklaces? And scarves? I might have an addiction.


But I dug in. Oh, I persevered through this daunting, seemingly insurmountable pile of crap that I've accumulated. I made a sizeable pile of giveaways. I even went through the shoes and dresser drawers. Two hours later and I have a clean, organized closet. I know it isn't like I cured cancer or taught a child how to read, but who doesn't like a clean closet?


Now the fun part comes tomorrow, matching up all of my existing pieces and trying to whip up some new combinations and new outfits. I have new mustard yellow shoes, very 1940's, that are looking for an outfit. So I might treat myself to a brief shopping trip to spice things up. I'm thinking some boldly colored or textured tights, maybe a new red cardigan and a couple of layering pieces with some bright color or pattern. Nothing too trendy, just fun. So what would you buy to jazz up your wardrobe this year? What am I missing? What do I need this season?


bethany actually said...

Um...I am not fashionable or coordinated enough to seasonally buy things to jazz up my wardrobe. Mostly I go with what fits and doesn't look ridiculous. Also, what will look good with baby slobber and unidentifiable foodstains on it. :-)

Kristendom said...

I'm with Bethany on not being coordinated enough to buy the seasonal stuff - at least not the stuff that would "fit" my current wardrobe. I'm much more inclined to buy a whole new outfit that looks nothing like what I currently own. Have fun shopping, though! :-)

Katrina said...

That sounds like a fun day to me!! I LOVE sorting and organizing!! And then the shopping part comes next!! Can I say jealous?!?

Kassie said...

I try not to spend much money on anything too trendy, but a couple of new small things always make the old work wear more lively.