Monday, September 05, 2011

Eh, Faithful Place

I had a really excellent weekend. I don't want to brag or anything, but my nephews and niece are probably the cutest, funniest, smartest kids in the world. Pretty sure. But after a long, fun, crazy weekend, and a long slightly less fun, but suprisingly productive 7.5 hour drive home today, catching up with my mom when we picked up our dog, starting laundry, unpacking, and generally settling back into the house, I'm beat. So no long, reflective post, or photo filled weekend rundown, I'll get to that later this week. Instead, take a second and go read my review of Tana French's book Faithful Place over at Blogher's Book Club.

It's my last book review for them for a little while, since I'm trying to dig through my own stack of books and my library hold list. I wanted to love this book. I read French's two previous novels and loved them, but for some reason this one didn't click for me. I think I was one of the few who didn't love it, at least as I read the other reviews. I don't tend to disagree with most of the other reviewers so it was kind of entertaining to see how different my opinion was this time. I didn't hate the book I just didn't care much about it, and sometimes that's worse. I've read 61 books so far this year, already past my 52 goal so I've upped the goal to 100 for the year. With some audio books on my commute and long car trips, I hope I can make it happen. We'll see. I finished a memoir today that I can't wait to write about actually, it was emotionally painful to read but the writing and story were so powerful that I couldn't even put it down in the car on our trip back from Madison. Which I don't think Joe minded, because he got to listen to his Tom Clancy book until I finished. So hang on for a 30 second book review post, it's coming. But for now, go check out Blogher's Book Club and I'll see you tomorrow!

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