Monday, November 28, 2011

Peanutty Thanks

Oh, the dreaded Monday after a loooong holiday weekend is kind of evil. I have no energy, no motivation and only wish to sit on the couch and watch the super cheesy super creepy American Horror Story that Joe's cousin Dave got me hooked on. But instead I went to work like a good girl, went with Joe to pick up my car from getting some work done, went grocery shopping, hit the library, and then actually went home to cook a savory and nutritious new recipe.

We love the veggie chicken potstickers from Costco, but they aren't quite a real meal. So I found this light, veggie filled peanut-ginger noodle side dish recipe. It was creamy, nutty and slightly spicy and the perfect side for our lazy potstickers dinner. Lots of cilantro, lots of Thai chili sauce and I only modified a couple of things. So my list of accomplishments for this drab Monday have just increased. Add "yummy dinner created." Now add, "cleaned kitchen and watched TV in pajamas by 9pm like an old cat lady." All I have to say is "meow."

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