Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Thanks

The day after Thanksgiving is usually mellow for our family. We aren't big shoppers. No one got up at 3am to hit Target. We are more of a movies and talking and snacking on leftovers kind of clan. And usually a walk. Because aren't we all usually a little desperate for some exercise after all the feasting?

After a quick visit with the grandparents before their trip back to Philadelphia. And an afternoon spent watching football, eating Texas caviar, leftovers and veggies and dip and running around after the little kids, we all wrapped up in warm jackets and gloves. Loaded ourselves in the car and headed over to a beautiful walking trail near the hotel where half of us are staying.

It was a perfect afternoon for a walk. Cloudy and crisp, the kids rode their bikes, we strolled along and chatted and enjoyed the scenery. It was a perfect little mile or so. Nice to stretch our legs, breathe some fresh air and avoid the mall at all costs. 
Tomorrow we head back home. Our holiday was everything we wanted it to be. Here was all the family, pie, brussels sprouts cooked in blue cheese and cream, long conversations about weddings and Dubstep, shared book and movie recommendations, recitation of our favorite Parks and Rec lines, and plenty of baby holding time, snotty noses and hugs from the cutest little boys I know. Big thanks to Jim and Katy, Mary Jo, Bonnie, and everyone else who made our holiday so full of thanks, joy and the pleasures of holding one sleepy baby girl so long my arm fell asleep. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tomorrow, though I'll miss our wake up call from two little ragamuffins bursting into our room at 6:30am.

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