Wednesday, November 02, 2011

All Full Up with the Thank

In the month of November the idea of being thankful seems like a given. We are all thankful for something, at least most days. Sometimes it's small. Like, thank you for not running me off the road, enormous 18 wheeler with squeeky brakes and a distracted driver. Sometimes it's huge, like thank you for those medical tests coming back negative (these are examples, not about me, I'm fine!) But I think I often get caught up in the daily routine and rarely take the time to stop and feel grateful, thankful, appreciative even for the small things. So I'm going to try to do that everyday this month. Sometimes it will be small, like thank you to the local trick or treaters for leaving Joe and I a few choice fun size Snickers, or big, like thank you that I have a full time job that I mostly love and pays me enough to survive and buy frivolous things on occasion. Today I'm sticking with the small stuff to start with: Ginger Ale flavored cough drops, apple cider, the warm cuddly dog curled up behind my knees, and the fact that I can hear Joe emptying the dishwasher. Is there a better sound in the world? So what are you thankful for today?


lanie@ plumb tuckered said...

Thankful for a day of rest, words that came fairly easily, children that are forgiving and progress.

bethany actually said...

I am thankful for that big piece of French Silk pie I just ate. Yum.

Nae said...

Thankful to feel loved and needed today, and yesterday's opportunity to make art and the luxury of time to reflect on how lucky I am.
I love this post, great idea I thank you for the little things. And btw, I *Love* that dishwasher emptying sound too!! Love ya :)