Monday, November 21, 2011

Beeper King Thanks

Today I'm thankful for:

Happy hour with some smart, funny, excellent women and a cold dirty martini.
30 Rock rerun with several of my favorite characters including Dennis Duffy, the Beeper King, which is second only to the Cleveland episode as my favorite.
Coming home to delicious thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.
Emails from people sharing stories that made me feel entirely surrounded by supportive friends who are sadly going through very similar struggles.
And the fact that this work week is only 2.5 days long and by Wednesday I'll get to hang out with many of my favorite Wisconsinites, Pennsylvanians and Nebraskans, hopefully avoiding all heated political discussions,at least while sitting at the dinner table.
What are you thankful for on this dreary, cold Monday?


bethany actually said...

I'm thankful for that fourth item too. And for late-night FB conversations with a friend about how geekily awesome Daniel Radcliffe is, complete with video evidence.

Joe said...

I am thankful, everyday, for my kick ass partner. One who fits into my family perfectly, makes traveling a joy, and whom I couldn't imagine being without.

Kat Walsh said...

I too am thankful for that 30 Rock episode. ; ) Love that show!