Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Cute Thanks

When I was a teenager I thought adulthood would look like a movie. My life would be a series of parties and dates, pretty dresses, a cozy house, someone who loved me, a career that I adored but that part was a bit hazy, time to read every book I wanted. Maybe marriage, as long as I didn't screw it up like my parents, probably kids at some point, but even though I was a pretty mature kid I don't think I ever thought about the responsibilities of adulthood. I just thought about having freedom. Being out from under my parents' control, away from the rules and chores and curfews. I would get to do exactly what I wanted. Spend all the time I could imagine with my boyfriend and my friends. Drive anywhere, do anything I could dream up. Silly girl.

I think while many of the things I pictured as a naive kid have come true in certain ways, there are so many dull realities that children don't see, can't imagine, won't anticipate. Those parts never make it into those glossy, perfect movies. But don't we need that gloss occasionally? Put aside the laundry and the car inspections and the deck staining? Cut through the monotony of daily chores and tasks, like the three hours of yard work we did today, and plan an evening out with friends. To get all dolled up, break out the cute shoes and that dark top that shows a bit of cleavage, put on some lip gloss and go out on the town. Star in your own movie for the evening. So we did that tonight. It looked just like the perfect date night scene in your favorite romantic comedy. Three couples out on the town. Married 30 something's, happy to be out together, kids tucked away at home, sparkling conversation and laughter. We tried a new restaurant. We ate delicious foods. We talked about new houses and light fixtures, movies, crazy family, babies and daycare, accessories and the holidays. We marveled at the bizarre outfit the hostess was wearing and it was excellent.

Only difference though, if this were a real movie, our evening would have continued at some dark bar or trendy club instead of parting ways at 8:30, some of us heading home, some to a movie, and Joe and I off to start Christmas shopping, grab some coffee and end up at home, baking pies and watching tv on the couch together. The movies always cut out the best parts anyway.


Mike Stalls said...

I love the fact that my sister is blogging about the SAME shot that I'm thinking about. I love you soo much.

Mike Stalls said...

By "shOt" I mean, well you know. Darn auto correct.