Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeding Frenzy Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Like a Norman Rockwell painting, today was filled with family and friends, three different turkeys- one fried, one roasted and one crockpotted. Wine flowed. Little kids ran around, played with uncles and great grandparents. Babies got passed from aunt to uncle to cousins who've held maybe one baby in their entire lives. Look at all those desserts. Insanity, delicious insanity.

Jack insisted that I take his picture, while his brother had little interest in the camera, he was busy flying planes and managing the runway on my iPad.

And now we are sprawled across couches, watching football, talking books, the frenzy of Black Friday, and getting progressively sleepier. It's been a long, delightful day. I hope you day was filled with warmth and friendship and teasing and laughter and so much food. I'm eating a caramel right now and flipping through Target ads and chatting with Jon Sands about the discount charms of Marshalls. I deem today a really great day.

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Kat Walsh said...

Your Thanksgiving post made my Thanksgiving even better. Thanks for sharing!