Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hump Day Thanks

Thanks go out today to the following:

The offensively funny Tosh.0 that I find myself laughing at while feeling guilty all at the same time. It's confusing.
Realizing finally at 36 that I have a certain style, and even if the clothes are free and cute I still don't want them if they don't feel like me.
The vlookup formula magic in Excel, my job just got so much easier based on this bit of knowledge.
Scheduling a lunch date with my mom for this weekend, squeezed between my haircut and her hair color appointment. We will carry handbags and wear white gloves and order the Waldorf salads.
Backrubs while doing the dishes.
The over the top costumes and songs on Glee, but not really the rest of Glee anymore.
The fact that when we finally send movies back to Netflix, Joe and I both forget to check our queue and we end up with two movies neither one of us remembers adding to the list. (The Wrestler and Mulholland Drive, I guess we choose grim or crazy for our viewing pleasure this weekend.)
Red skirts
Ginger snaps
Free books

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margherio said...

Hlookup works nicely also. Oh, and pivot tables...all those wonderful insightful pivot tables.