Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Win

Today was one of those perfect regular Saturdays. Not a vacation Saturday or some kind of amazing event, concert, family gathering, important kind of Saturday. But just an everyday, regular Saturday. The kind of weekend day that can so easily be taken for granted in the midst of chores and errands and activity and duties. But I just thought that today hit that perfect balance.

In part I was simply glad to be home after our delightful, rather jam packed vacation. And I have plenty to write about that. But I thought before I dove into the additional fantastic stuff we got to do last week, I would document what a good normal weekend day looks like.

We started the morning later than normal. Both of us slept in until 9 am. For me, this isn't a huge stretch but the fact that Joe slept in until this late hour was a damn miracle. So good start. Then coffee in my favorite curse word dottery mug, followed by two hours of lounging on the couch catching up on some shows we like, including the disturbing yet shamefully entertaining My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Watch this thing, it's bizarre and frightening and unfamiliar, and so fun. Late brunch, farm fresh eggs, toast and a piece or two of bacon. Then an hour spent flipping quickly through the nearly 4,000 photos that Joe took on our trip. I'm not kidding. I took about 200, and the man took almost 4,000. I can't wait to show them to you this week. Obviously sorted out and heavily edited, but they are wonderful.

After the decadent lounging and photo overload, it was time to actually start knocking stuff off the to-do list. Joe headed to the basement and didn't reappear until nearly 5 pm. He was replacing my garage door opener. I'm not sure there is anything sexier than a man who can handle those kind of household repairs and fixes. He doesn't complain, he just gets the tools he needs and makes it happen. He's good at it. He's competent and confident in his abilities. Hot. I cleaned house, laundry, changed sheets, and then got some help setting up our pressure washer and went to town on our white deck furniture. Never buy white deck furniture. While it looks pretty and bright on the deck, it gets filthy over the winter and looks disgusting by March. But you know what? I LOVE a pressure washer. Those things are little miracle workers. Two hours later and our furniture looks brand new. My hands are kind of tingly still from the vibration of the washer, but small price to pay. Now if only the cushions had held up so well over the last seven years. Might have to replace them next summer. So the deck is sparkling, the house is nearly spotless, I'm filthy and wet, but it's time for girl's night out

(7 Days is back, by the way!I kind of waffled on whether I was going to do it or not this round. And took this photo just in case I changed my mind. Which I did. Of course. So welcome back, 7 Days! If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about click here.)

Showered, decked out in actual jewelry, wedges and makeup, I went off to meet the ladies for dinner at Yias Yias. My brother is the sous chef at Yias Yias, it's a European style bistro restaurant, and the food is always great. Mike came out and greeted the six of us, we got to see him all decked out in his chef coat, and then it was dinner and drinks time. Everyone, except the two pregnant ladies, sorry Tara and Amy, got wine or a martini and then Mike sent out a charming little salad for each of us. A mix of heirloom tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, strawberries, mint, basil and beets. It was light and summery and a perfect start to our meal. More wine, more conversation, my pretty friends. (I specify pretty because they are, and because on girls nights they ditch the pony tails and spiff up for our gatherings, it's like the old days before kids, and they all looked particularly great tonight, bangs and red hair and all!)  We noshed on some flat bread pizza, some pasta, and nearly three hours later a little chocolate souffle and philo dough wrapped brownie for dessert. We were stuffed, happy and ready to return home to the men and little people.

I got home and Joe and I headed out for a spontaneous late night movie, since we don't have little people at home yet. And the dog doesn't mind if we leave him, or at least he can't tell us he does. We headed over to our favorite movie theatre, joyfully saw the new shelving and lights going in at the Trader Joe's, it opens in less than a month, (Yeah!) and headed in to buy tickets to see Super 8. Just as my friend Emily said, it was the perfect combination of ET, Goonies and Close Encounters. Set in 1979, it's nostalgic, sweet, scary, action packed and the best popcorn movie I've seen in ages.  Great end to the day.

So that's how my Saturday rolled out. I always make sure to capture the big, exciting, monumental events on this blog, but I don't think I often capture the mundane, average kind of days. And though nothing spectacular or life changing happened today, it was exactly the kind of day I wanted. Balanced, fun, productive and spent with the people that make me laugh. How was your Saturday?


bethany actually said...

Tara's pregnant!? That's wonderful!

But...where is your self-portrait? Are you not doing 7 Days this time?

(My captcha is "quarthi" which sounds like a word that means "only one-fourth as dark as 'swarthy.'")

Kassie said...

Ok, it's up. I'm just slow and waffling. But I'm in. Though I think Joe is sitting this one out. You know he'll pop up in mine at least.