Sunday, June 05, 2011

390 Stairs, Pork Buns and Hipsters

Today was perfection. Here are the quick and dirty highlights. I promise to elaborate further on the whole trip when we get home, but today just the highlights!

Up Coit

4.5 hour walking tour covering the entire history of the city with Anton, the most mellow cheerful tour guide in the Bay area.

390 lush, green and secluded steps down the side of Filbert cliff

A shared piece of sacripantina cake from Stella's Bakery in North Beach

A panoramic view of the city from the top of Coit Tower worth every bit of $5

2.5 hours of splendid dim sum, fantastic conversation and catching up with old friends

Being the only white people in all of Portsmouth Park in Chinatown

Sushi picnic in bed after 12 hours of site-seeing


The best chai and banana cream pie this side of the Mississippi

New hoop earrings and a scarf festooned with umbrellas from Theory in the Mission District

One of the best days of 2011, at least so far.

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Tin Recycling Michigan said...

What are hipsters? Like the term of people, not the pants? I've heard it alot lately, please define. Is it positive or negative?