Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Berry Sorry

Keeping Berry Cool

This is my lunch hour (more like lunch fifteen minutes today.) It is already 91 degrees outside, humid, sunny and unless I'm in a pool, I have zero interest in being outside. So I ran down the street, grabbed a salad with berries and a delicious wild berry iced tea from Wendy's and relaxed in the car, with the AC blowing on high. The salad and tea were berrylicious. For something from a fast food joint it was shockingly perfect for cooling off before heading back to work. I listened to This American Life's Father Day podcast, I adore that show so berry much. And then snapped a couple of shots. Nothing fancy, nothing stressful and yes, I did reapply a nice berry lip gloss to go with my tea. I like themes.  And horrible puns. I couldn't help myself. The heat has gone to my head. I apologize.

Here's the cheesy alternate, where all of my high school theatre training came into action. "Look at how sweltering she pretends it is, while the 70 degree air actually blows on her face!" Acting! Thank you!

Alternate Day 3


lanie@ plumb tuckered said...

beautiful picture of you!

Kassie said...

Thanks, madam!