Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whiny Toddler with Laptop

Today is the last day of June. Yes, you could look at the calendar and know this for yourself. But I'm celebrating, announcing and rejoicing in the fact that today is the last day of the month because today is also the last day of NaBloPoMo. Ahhhhh.

I am done. I have posted every day for thirty days. Almost. I missed the midnight deadline by about eight minutes once on our vacation earlier in the month and I missed posting last Saturday. I simply forgot. But I had posted twice the day before, so I don't feel too horribly about it. And really, who's counting but me?

Some of the time this writing everyday was painful and unpleasant. Some of the time I had to force myself to sit and do it, while moaning and wailing like a spoiled toddler. Some of my posts were dull and silly and rather unimpressive. But I'm learning that that is ok. That was the reason I signed up to do NaBloPoMo in the first place. To loosen up, to let go, to write something and post something everyday. To get in the habit. To realize not every post has to be deep and heartfelt.  I'm not in this to win a Pulitzer. Not to have praise heaped upon the genius of my work. Just to write something everyday. Express myself and share my viewpoint and my favorite people and places, basically to share my experiences and connect with you, yeah, YOU. Which I pretty much did.

I liked some of the posts I wrote this month. I enjoyed the vacation photography and the 7 Days this round, though I complained the whole time about how uninspired I was. (Again, whiny baby.) I enjoyed blogging during vacation, at least most days. But I found out, it wasn't impossible. Yet it also felt a bit like a chore.  And I don't want this blog to feel that way. I may try this whole NaBloPoMo thing again in the future, but it's gonna be awhile. I'm going to take a little break, work on a few San Francisco posts, and some other ideas I've got brewing and I'll see you next week, same time, same place, same me. You gonna be here?


bethany actually said...

A whole month of posts, woohoo! Good job! :-) I did that the November that Elliora was born, without joining NaBloPoMo or even telling anyone I was doing it, just to see if I could. And I did, but I was glad to rest at the end of the month. Enjoy your well-earned breather!

Nae said...

You did a great job btw. I haven't phoned you much lately and this was a really cool way of staying connected. My posts would say the same thing every day - apply for job. click. fill in blank. click. beat head against table. Repeat. zzzzzz. You are one of my most entertaining reads! Luv ya!