Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
Today's 7 Days photo, tweaked with the Camera Bag app on the iPhone.

On this, the longest day of the year, I had a long day at work to match. Roughly a twelve hour day, which involved driving from nearly one end of the city to the other over the course of three meetings, some office time and working at an event for a client. Satisfying but I'm a little tired.  I took these while driving home and enjoying the gorgeous mild temperatures, the wind blowing through my hair, Arcade Fire on the stereo, and the thought of very shortly going home and taking off my heels.

The drive home was beautiful. I sometimes forget that just outside of Kansas City, just a few miles from my house actually, you are suddenly in the country. Long winding roads, nearly empty of traffic, roads lined with tall old trees and small stores. Driving back from my client's event, the sun not ready to set but creeping down closer to the horizon, it lit up the sky to a bright blue with large fluffy white clouds hovering over the deep green of the woods. After a week spent in the flashy, eye catching, damn near gaudy beauty of Northern California, I just relished the twenty minute drive home. Motoring through my country. Rolling hills and corny shop names, country turning into suburb, turning into downtown, all in the flat, warm land of my birth.

Now I'm home. Dinner has been consumed, a little documentary on the Little League World Series has entertained, heels off, pajamas on, book in hand and a cold diet coke with a slice of lime. Welcome, summer.

Alternate Day 4
This was my 7 Days alternate shot, the dog is in my lap, but he's black and so are my pj pants.

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