Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Vittles

Today's 7 Days theme is Black. So I got extremely creative by putting on a black shirt, brushing my teeth and proceeding to the grocery store. I had every intention of taking some very public, bold grocery store photos. Then I chickened out. It was really crowded at the store. I mean, lots of people in every aisle, lots of employees restocking the shelves, customers and kids everywhere I turned. And I may be bold, but I just couldn't make myself do it. Even the low key iPhone photos barely happened. I snuck a couple in the check out line, but my check out guy was cranky and unpleasant and there was no one to bag my groceries, so I gave up the camera, bagged the groceries, punked out and took photos at the car instead. I like to call this look "big sunglasses hide tired, no-make up eyes." Or "super-glamorous, un-showered, sweaty grocery shopping." Cause, damn, it's hot here today. 

So groceries procured, back home to unpack and start the cooking. We are having my dad and step-mom over for dinner tonight to celebrate Father's Day.  Joe is in the kitchen right this minute whipping up some deviled eggs, with a little Sriracha, which based on my sample taste tasting are supremely delicious, spicy, smoky and creamy. Then grilled burgers with a little avocado and Monterrey jack, a big ole green salad with strawberries, and some browned butter rice crispy treats. I just had to make them again. And maybe a Mojito or two. So Happy Father's Day to all the dads, step-dads, grandfathers, uncles and those men who step up and inspire! Hope your day is spent exactly how you'd like it.

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