Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 Days: Day 1 - Crazy Eyed Book Love

7 Days returns. This is the delightful and rambunctious self portrait photo group on Flickr. We take a self portrait every day for 7 days, upload to Flickr and then spread the comment love. I've met some delightful people through this group, enhanced my photo skills and brash public photo ops and have a giddy time every three months. Here's today's shot:

7 Days: Crazy eyed book love

This is my favorite book store in all the land. It is not huge. It does not have every book that I could dream up, but it does smell like musty piles of extravagant tales and towers of thoughts and languages and joy. Today it was particularly full. Packed to the brim, dripping with books in every corner, books exploding from boxes, a legion of stories waiting to leap into your hand and then into your mind, taking you anywhere you can imagine, teaching you anything you care to learn. Jackson Street Booksellers inspires in me the crazy eyed book love. I fill my arms with books as I wander and step over and stretch to reach the top shelf. Then I have to make the difficult decision of what dears to leave behind and who gets to come home with me. Today the Wide Sargasso Sea and a collection of Margaret Atwood short stories made the cut. 

Photo done on iPhone with Diptic ap, because I'm lazy today and just want to climb in bed and disappear to the Dominican Republic in the 1800's.

See you tomorrow! Glad everyone's back! Happy Holidays.


bethany actually said...

I was about to leave a comment asking you if this was Jackson St Books and then you mentioned that it was. :-) Once I met Joe for coffee when we were both home from college on a weekend, and he introduced me to this store!

Also, you look pretty in that shot.

Also, why am I commenting here and not on Flickr?

Nae said...

I love seeing your eyes all wide and bright like a kid at the candy store! :)

Maybe one day I'll get my act together, I want to do 7 days next time it rolls around! Can't wait to see your pics - thanks for blogging about it!