Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29: Is it January Yet?

December 29 Prompt: Defining moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year. (Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice)

Really? Man, this is the generic pap we are getting for the last few days of this Reverb 10 project. How bland. And how broadly I could answer this question. I really prefer the tighter and more controlled questions that were scattered throughout the last month. But on a whole this project has been good, since it's forced me to write more frequently. Though I can't help but voice an opinion that most of the questions have bored me and were not particularly challenging. I'm committed to wrapping this sucker up, so I'm going with a list, since I am too complex a person to have one defining moment, or too indecisive, take your pick.

1. Wrote 126 blog posts, liked 50% of them, reached that 100th post milestone and didn't feel like quitting, so looks like you're stuck with me for awhile.
2. Shot some decent self portraits for four of the four 7 Days projects this year. And one with my hair getting shampooed, that was embarrassing and absolutely fun. The whole point, right?
3. Finished 1/2 of the classes I need for my UMKC Fundraising Certificate and signed up for the last couple to be completed by February. Oh, and had the pleasure of auditing my dad's Nonprofit Finance course.
4. One of my best friends had a baby girl, another good friend had twin baby girls, and still another great friend had her second daughter just this month, my nephews turned 1 and 3, and my other best friend's son turned 4! So many kids in our lives now, and it makes me giddy. And Christmas was particularly fun this year because Santa is back.
5. Crossed off 8 items on my Bravely Obey In Action List and made progress on a few others, also added 3 new items.
6. Volunteered with Literacy KC, until I got too frustrated by the constant lack of communication with my students and the constant rotation of students, four in less than four months. I've got my eyes open for another opportunity.
7. I read 47 books this year. I had hoped to reach 52, one a week, but doing the National Novel Writing Month in November cut in on my reading time. Totally worth it.
8. Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I wrote 50,047 words of my first novel in November. I keep putting off opening it up and starting the editing process. It's that bad. Makes me want to consider taking up heavy drinking, no wonder so many writer's have drinking problems. A large glass of very old Scotch sounds writerly. Maybe editing will be a good New Year's Resolution.
9. I attended a Writer's Weekend Conference in June, met some other writers, set up my own little home office and stared at a blank computer screen a lot.
10. Grew my first herb garden, and only killed the basil. The rosemary is actually still alive, repotted in the kitchen. I think I'll use it tonight on some roasted potatoes.

So what was the most decisive moment in your life this year? Or are you as indecisive as I am and unable to choose? I don't like narrowing it down. It's hard.


bethany actually said...

Who knows what my most decisive moment was. I have decisive moments all the time, every day! Maybe, hmm...that one really bad day I had where I totally lost my temper at Annalie and after I recovered I vowed to myself that I was never going to lose it like that at my kids again because it really, really sucked.

Also, can I just say that your reaction to the inanity of some of these questions has been the most entertaining part about these Reverb10 posts? :-)

kassie lou said...

Well, I'm glad my dislike of some of these prompts is at least amusing! And I can't believe I neglected to include Elliora in my new baby list, fixed that! Are the internets keeping you distracted at the hospital?

margherio said...

Killed the basil, eh? Our basil has been the only reliable herb the past couple of years. Seem to have issues with the cilantro, any tips for that?

bethany actually said...

Yep, the internets are making this hospital stay much less boring for me, I'm sure. Though hospital stays are actually packed with activity, which is exhausting when you're the one who's sick! There are always people coming in the room to check on the IV, to check the patient's temp and blood pressure, to fiddle with the oxygen, to ask if you need anything, to take the trash out, bringing you food, etc. Someone probably comes in the room at least twice an hour during the day and once an hour at night!

No worries about you not including Elliora. She was born at the tail end of the year, and you have not met her yet. So right now it's like she's a character in a TV show or something, not quite real. ;-)

Nae said...

Wow you have been busy - does it feel good seeing it listed out like that! :) I'm with Bethany, your commentary about the Reverb10 prompts is something I very much enjoy. :) Bethany I hope you get well soon!

Michael - Cilantro is extremely difficult to grow indoors. It needs an incredible amount of sun and constant watering unlike the other herbs. You're best picking it up for .97/bundle at the grocery store/indian market - at least it won't be nice and green!

Kristendom said...

Okay, I suck for being SOOOOO far behind on blog post reading - sorry! But I had to comment that now I don't feel so bad for killing our basil, although I'm certain it didn't last nearly as long as yours.
And you should appreciate more of your blog posts - they are ALL fantastic.