Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7 Days: 5 - "Sea of swirly, twirly gumdrops."


Today is my last day at work until after Christmas and the idea of six straight days away from the office has made me a little giddy. I ran to Target over my lunch hour to wrap up some last minute shopping, mostly travel size "potions" which I adore picking out for trips, and stocking stuffers for Joe. But then I stumbled upon these delightful giant size gumdrops. And I thought, what says holiday fun more than a big sugary gumdrop? Nothing. So I sit here at my desk, working on databases, listening to the Belle and Sebastian Holiday Spectacular on NPR and popping the occasional gumdrop. They alleviate stress. What? You didn't know that? It's science.

Have you noticed that I haven't been Reverbing quite like I planned? No? Good. But if you have, then know that I'm hoping to catch up and write a bit on each of the prompts I've missed, even the corny, hippie-dippie ones, that's all of them. At some point, probably, sure, maybe after Christmas. 7 Days is just easier and more fun and free of words like manifest and reflect. There is only so much reflecting a girl can handle in one month. Even me. What are you stressing about that gumdrops might help?

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lanie@ plumb tuckered said...

YES! Gumdrops and days and days of vacation... awesome. I am NOT going to be catching up on the reverb action. Ever forward! That's my motto.